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Give Your Office A Much-needed Boost: Plenty Of Cool Office Products And Gadgets Add A New Dimension To Your Work Space
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Give Your Office A Much-needed Boost: Plenty Of Cool Office Products And Gadgets Add A New Dimension To Your Work Space

Sprucing up a dull, bland office no longer means only adding a few fresh flowers to your desktop.
A simple four-legged chair gives way to postural perfection. A durable desk now sports a futuristic look and an uncanny knack for hiding those pesky cords.
Suddenly, your hum-drum office has new life.
What's the best way to add color in the otherwise black-and-white world of office furniture and gadgets?
Easily one of the more remarkable pieces of office furniture, not surprisingly, comes from the brilliant minds at a desk company simply called "MILK." You're always told that milk does a body good; now, MILK also does wonders for your office.

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Sure, the MILK desk is incredibly expensive but sure is nice to look at -- especially considering it is designed to keep excess cords at a minimum with enough secret compartments to make Bruce Wayne jealous. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the desk is its simplicity in how it is constructed -- flat surface, one large leg in the middle holding it up underneath.
The MILK desk design is unique in that it looks as if you're working on top of an iPhone or iPad based on the shape of the desk itself. Furthermore, the desk offers storage space in the form of three cubes on the side of it that are relatively deep for storage. Because the storage spots are deep, you can fit phones or MP3 players within them and the charger also be hidden while in use.
By the way, lovers of fish will breathe -- maybe underwater -- a sigh of relief as part of the desk doubles as a fish tank. Simply put, if you don't already "got" MILK, you might want to at least look into getting it.
If the thought of a MILK-induced desk isn't quite on the docket just yet, maybe it is time to saddle up with a new desk chair. But don't bother flipping through the yawn-inducing catalogs that feature the same, old desk chairs.
Instead, the Saddle Chair saves the work day.
The Saddle Chair differs from its other seating counterparts in that -- based on its shape -- allows user of the chair to sit forward, backward or sideways comfortably. The Saddle Chair certainly doesn't encourage or condone sleeping at work but it is hard not to feel overly comfortable in a chair that is designed and contoured to your body's shape.
Speaking of shape, not many chairs look quite like the Saddle Chair but the same could be said for the remarkable and practical Bibliochase. This product is a superb hybrid of chair and bookshelf in one distinctly recognizable unit. Both sides, the back and the front -- just under the cushion -- are shelves, which turns this chair into a full-scale library of sorts as a book or magazine is merely an arm's length away. For the most part, the chair adds flare and style to any office desperately in need of assistance.
That same sentiment rings true for all the aforementioned products and their propensity for pushing past mediocrity and striving for inner-office design domination.

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