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Seiko & Destroy: Finding The Perfect Timepiece Means Putting The Time In To Find The Right Mix Of Price And Practicality And One Brand Does It Better Than Most
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Seiko & Destroy: Finding The Perfect Timepiece Means Putting The Time In To Find The Right Mix Of Price And Practicality And One Brand Does It Better Than Most

When it comes to watches, a simple mantra applies: watch & learn.
Watches are one of the most complex and intriguing accessories for men in that the price range is vast. Some can justify spending just a few bucks on a timepiece, while others insist on a Rolex-only mentality and aren't afraid to drop thousands of dollars for just one, sole watch.
Can there be a happy medium in terms of buying a competent, durable watch without spending more on it than you would a car? Some brands such as the aforementioned Rolex simply are off limits. They carry a hefty price tag, one that is directly related with high-end and usually is associated with a demographic that you would consider upper class.
But can an average Joe still emulate the look of a professional, stylish watch without going broke in the process? Yes, of course. Naturally, you can't expect to snag a Ralph Lauren or Cartiere watch for much less than $20,000. That extreme isn't in the sights of the majority of watch buyers but one company manages to keep prices relatively reasonable without sacrificing the same attributes you'd find from Mr. Ralph Lauren or the designers behind the Cartiere brand.
Seiko seemingly meets the consumer halfway -- to rave reviews. More specifically, Seiko scores major points with the Premier Collection, more specifically the Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive. The technology behind "kinetic" watches is one that is quartz that gains and maintains power predicated on how a man moves while wearing his watch.

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This particular brand of watches can reach as high as $1,000 or more but Seiko isn't only resigned to the Premier Collection. They feature an array of watches that start as low as $200 but, again, not at the expense of quality or craftsmanship.
A happy medium and compromise of sorts in terms of price is the Seiko Men's Coutura Chrono. This watch is a perfect meld of casual, nightlife and also looks fresh and professional within the business world. This watch typically tips the scale around $400, but a quick glimpse at the stainless steel casing and a pristine blue backlight and face that adds even more of an allure to an already stunning watch.
A nice addition to the Seiko family is the Men's Coutura Blue Dial Leather Watch, which implements the aforementioned kinetic technology and thus never needs wound and works solely on the movement of the wrist. This is a nice option in comparison to the Coutrua Chrono in that it showcases the classic, leather strap and is roughly the same price, too.
Seiko makes buying the perfect watch anything but rough as they're often a consumer's best friend. They manage to mix all of the characteristics of competent watches but keeps pricing at a minimum. From professional to sporty, Seiko seemingly can't be beat in terms of diversity of products and distinction in style and selection.
You could say only time would tell how long Seiko continues its success but the safe bet seems to weight heavily on a long tenure on top.

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