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Gold-diggers: Golden Opportunity Meets Questions About Which "cash For Gold" Store Actually Delivers On Promises Of Treasure
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Gold-diggers: Golden Opportunity Meets Questions About Which "cash For Gold" Store Actually Delivers On Promises Of Treasure

Promises of quick cash underscore a sense of indecision for consumers who have a surplus of gold jewelry but simply aren't sure which of these "as seen on TV" cash-for-gold stores are trustworthy and truly pay out as promised.
What started as one gold-buying company has quickly morphed into a plethora of outfits, which makes it even more difficult for customers to make a definitive decision.
At the end of the day, which cash for gold jewelry company is the best? Truthfully, there are several that offer their own blend of honesty, marketing and security in addition to the most important characteristic: paying out the most cash to you.
A big concern for customers is the thought of sending gold jewelry through the mail in the hopes that it reaches an online gold store in one piece. Empire Gold Buyers lures consumers to their web site and gold-related services by offering up to $25,000 in insurance for your package. Despite the name, Empire Gold Buyers also ponies up some serious coin for silver as well.
As far as big-time payouts and customer service, GoldNow.com offers a price-match guarantee and an additional 10% along with a 10-day money back guarantee on all purchases. The 10% above and beyond price guarantee almost makes up for the shortcoming of only $500 of insurance on your gold jewelry upon shipment.

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GoldFellow is another gold-buying site that focuses primarily on how much you'll get when you sell your gold jewelry; they include a much-appreciate payment calculator so you get an on-the-spot quote (more like an estimate) immediately. Customer service and support also works in favor of GoldFellow as the web site specifically educates consumers who haven't sold gold jewelry online previously, thus making their experience a little easier and relaxing for first-timers.
Cash for Gold Co is perhaps the most renowned cash-for-gold kingpin as they've been in business for years and comes complete with the insurance aspect of the buy-sell process along with an incredibly easy approach to selling gold jewelry. They sport an online form that customers fill out with basic information and then a packet is mailed and the trade-off (gold for money) begins. Once customers receive their packet, they pack up their products and send it back to Cash for Gold Co -- quite simply one of the easiest ways to make a few extra bucks with little or no effort. Surprisingly, however, Cash for Gold Co makes customers wait for a check as opposed to implementing a direct-deposit system.
The previously mentioned companies all more than suffice the criteria customers look for in a reputable cash for gold entity but key components are guaranteed satisfaction and the option to opt out of a deal if you don't feel entirely comfortable.
Think of it as "cashing out" if you decide you'd rather not "cash in" right at this moment.

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