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The Juice Is Loose: Does The Iconic Jack Lalane Juicer Stand Pat Against A Magical Bullet?
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The Juice Is Loose: Does The Iconic Jack Lalane Juicer Stand Pat Against A Magical Bullet?

From magic to marvelous, the Magic Bullet tackles the famous Jack Lalane Juicer in a power struggle to determine just which household item is most suited for juicing.
The battle for countertop supremacy has begun.
But as this sparring contest looms large between two superior products, one question abounds: which product actually is better for juicing?
Juicing is linked to a healthier way of living and is a fantastic way to incorporate five servings of fruits and vegetables into the course of an entire day, without actually having to eat five pieces of fruit or five servings of vegetables. Both the Jack Lalane Juicer and the Magic Bullet accomplish the obvious: turn solid fruits and vegetables into juice filled with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that ensure a healthier diet and a surplus of energy.
But beyond the art of juicing, the Magic Bullet surprisingly pulls ahead of its longer-tenured counterpart in a variety of aspects. The Magic Bullet is a smaller unit and isn't quite as complex in how it is put together in comparison to the Jack Lalane Juicer, inspired by the Mr. Jack Lalane -- easily the most renowned and accomplished figure in fitness.

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The Magic Bullet is one canister and consumer don't have to cut up most fruit or vegetables, nor are there too many moving parts to make clean up a headache. The Jack Lalane Juicer has plenty of parts, including the blade, peel catcher and plenty of plastic pieces within the unit. That equals additional time having to break down the Jack Lalane Juicer; the only positive is it is dishwasher safe.
It's quite annoying to have to clean the Jack Lalane Juicer every time you decide to juice, as opposed to popping off the Magic Bullet container and simply tossing it in the sink or dishwasher. Furthermore, the Magic Bullet preserves every last drop of nutrients and goodness within every morsel of food. The Jack Lalane Juicer spits out the most fibrous parts of the fruit and vegetables and thus isn't quite as potent or vitamin-enhanced as its magical counterpart.
The only positive in that regard as it relates to the Jack Lalane Juicer centers on customers who may have certain limitations and can't have too much fiber intake. The Jack Lalane Juicer allows that demographic to enjoy fresh fruit, without the harsh side effects. The Magic Bullet also bests its Jack Lalane competitor in price with the former tipping the scales at less than $100, according to sites such as Kmart.com and Amazon.com. Jack Lalane, despite his penchant for perfectly sculpted muscles, has a juicing machine that is somewhat bloated in price at around $150.
And speaking of weight, the good certainly outweighs the bad as it relates to the Magic Bullet as opposition to the Jack Lalane Juicer. Even though the actual Jack Lalane never met a challenge he didn't take, his juicer will have a hard time toppling the efforts of the Magic Bullet.

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