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The Path Least Traveled: Traveling Is Hectic Enough, So Why Not Make The Planning Part The Easiest Part

The irony behind taking a "vacation" is the lingering question that continually abounds as this so-called getaway gets a little dicey: When exactly does the vacation start?
From packing to planning to picking a flight or hotel, taking a trip seems more like a work than a respite from work but alas the cavalry has arrived in the form of technology for traveling that makes the hectic pre-vacation routine a little less vexing.
One aspect of traveling that technology has certainly nipped is the notion of booking a flight or hotel and renting a car. With so many options out there, which web site or app gives you the best option for traveling?
This crowded field is filled with winners but a few tweaks here and there make a few of them stand just a bit taller. The Expedia app may be the most complete, with the hotels and flights at your fingertips along with reviews of the hotels and the ability to find last-minute deals that could significantly decrease the cost of your trip -- no doubt an important aspect of anyone planning a vacation. Kayak is a close second to Expedia and offers the same, comparable services as far as best-pricing and a tremendously simple booking experience.
Hipmunk (yes, that's a real company) Hotel & Flight Search can't do a lot of things like book flights but for those interested in alternative accommodations, they're your best bet. They include not only four-star hotels but persons who rent their houses for out-of-towners to stay in.

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Once you've finally decided on a destination and booked your fight, hotel and car with any of the aforementioned app options, the packing looms large. Let's face it: we've all forgot to pack something at some point.
A missing tooth brush, no extra contact lenses or not nearly enough underwear to last for the entire trip. And, why didn't someone remind me to pack a sweatshirt for those cold, chilly nights?
The Packing Pro app takes the pondering and second-guessing -- as well as the memory-challenged packer -- out of packing with an efficiently designed itinerary of sorts to go over, check and re-check to make sure you're all set. The app isn't just about remembering the essentials but also suggests to you a multitude of options based on the destination, including weather and number of persons going and if there are kids to consider.
In addition to taking kids into consideration, there plenty of tasks to keep potential travelers heads spinning with flying, driving, staying and packing. But thanks to the likes of Expedia, Packing Pro, Kayak and Hipmunk, weary and weak travelers are infused with energy, confidence and peace of mind knowing that a true vacation is waiting in the wings.

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