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Snap, Crackle Pop: When The Traditional Case Goes Broke, Cell Helmet Keeps Your Phone From Breaking
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Snap, Crackle Pop: When The Traditional Case Goes Broke, Cell Helmet Keeps Your Phone From Breaking

Finding a cell phone case is easy. Finding one that doubles as a case and phone warranty isn't quite as simple.
One company sought out to combine a durable, quality case underscored with something that customers probably would deem priceless: peace of mind. Cell Helmet took the simple idea of the cell phone case and added a marvelous mantra to go along with it: if you buy a case and your phone breaks while it is inside the case, Cell Helmet will repair your phone or buy you a new one if that can't happen. For now, Cell Helmet is strictly in the Apple iPhone and iPod case business.
Not withstanding the absent-minded, overzealous consumer who canon-balls into a swimming pool with their phone in their pocket, any and all damages fall under this warranty-based product criteria. The case itself is around $50 and it is another $50 handling fee (only if you are reporting damage) but both are only one-time fees and coverage is good for one year upon purchase of the case. Should something precarious happen to your precious iPhone or iPod, you simply ship it off to Cell Helmet.
What this savvy company did was position itself as a realistic option to the larger-scale phone insurance that is typically offered when you buy your phone. This typically includes a recurring monthly charge that, for the most part, consumers pass on with the thought that a good, sturdy case coupled with common sense on their part, can combat dropping, stomping and the every-so-tight-fit of an iPhone squeezed into a front pocket of jeans.
The average customer passes on point-of-sale insurance for another reason: they probably just spent $200-$300 on a new phone and the thought of dishing out more cash on top of that, to them, probably feels like a bit much. It's the same mentality when you buy a new car and the salesperson ducks behind a counter and suddenly another minister of propaganda appears with his rust-proofing and extended warranty spiel cocked and loaded.

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Cell Helmet is the happy medium. You passed on phone insurance but changed your mind. The phone company decrees that it's "too late," but in the Cell Helmet world it is more "better late than never."
In addition to the actual Cell Helmet case-slash-warranty prospect, they've also devised a slick, superb "Repair in a Box" product that allows customers to get a quote to fix virtually any phone.
If you and pets can have your own hospitals, then why can't cell phones?
The "Repair in a Box" again focuses on customers without insurance and who are outside of the one-year manufacturers warranty. The box is $20 but Cell Helmet graciously takes that off once the repair process begins. The real benefit is an adherence to amazing customer service as most repairs take less than 1 day once the damaged phone is received. This certainly beats chatting it up with "tech support" and feeling even more lost and confused than before the call started.
Cell Helmet strategically positioned itself as a warranty company that masquerades as a cell phone case company -- kind of like the whole Bruce Wayne-Batman dynamic. In this case, the caped crusader doesn't have a cape per say or a fancy, gadget-filled belt.
But, what they do have is a penchant for making sure your gadget stays intact.

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