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Aging gracefully: How fitness fights off the aging process
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Aging gracefully: How fitness fights off the aging process

Who knew the much beloved fountain of youth actually is nothing more than standing in a pool of your own sweat?
That exaggeration might not be quite the stretch you think once you feast your eyes on just how well the aging process can be if you've been incorporating exercise as part of your regimen. You've undoubtedly heard that exercise is one of the components of a longer, healthier lifestyle, in addition to a diet that is spot on.
More often than not, however, anti aging as it relates to exercise is associated primarily with cardiovascular exercising, like your resident treadmill or elliptical machine. The cardiovascular aspect of exercise shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to keeping your heart healthy and the weight off, but equally important is not to underestimate how paramount pumping iron is, either.
Dr. Brett Osborn is an author and his latest offering "Get Serious, A Neurosurgeon's Guide to Optimal Health and Fitness" outlines a plan that places emphasis on strength training and its importance.
Osborn stresses to those who dismiss weight training as nothing more than adding bulk to look good with your shirt off that strength training and building muscles is directly related to fighting off diseases.

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He points to muscle being pure protein versus the population that is riddled with fat, which can increase risk of stroke and heart disease.
As for specifics, Osborn has five that he recommends: the squat, overhead shoulder press, the dead lift, bench press and chin ups or pull ups. You'll notice that Osborn's list includes body weight training (the pull up), along with emphasis on the chest, shoulders and especially the lower body.
With any type of strength training, the key is to not only make sure it is done on a consistent basis but also to execute the moves properly. Injury often discourages even the most ardent and aspiring weight trainers to get back up on the proverbial horse and find their way back to lifting weights or doing body weight training exercises.
That typically leads to more cardio, since the treadmill and elliptical is often deemed simple, yet effective. You can never discount the importance of cardio but weight training seems to win out when it comes to battling the bulge and Father Time.
The trick is debunking the myth that weight lifting are only for the dumbbells and muscle heads only interested in flexing in front of the mirrors at the gym. Instead, consider training with weights and a way to stave off aging and stay fit, young and vibrant for the foreseeable future.

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