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Ray Of Hope: Media Personality Loves Dogs -- Especially The Ones That Are Healthy And Lean

Rachael Ray is mostly known as an eccentric talk-show host and cooking personality that garnered millions of fans and followers for her quick wit and verbose demeanor.
Those characteristics have cultivated a budding legacy, the kind that has turned her into a multi-media mogul. Simply put, most of which puts her name on turns to gold in the form of increased sales revenue and products flying of the shelves at big-box retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target.
Ray's pundits probably figure she's due for an off day and that eventually her run of success will quickly "go to the dogs." Well, they were right -- sort of.
Rachael Ray worked diligently to create dog treats and food that has wowed pet owners across the world. Known as Nutrish, this is both dog food and treats that keep dogs of all shapes and sizes slim, trim and pensively waiting for these delicious treats.
The biggest advantage of Nutrish is the smell and taste, not that you're willingness to sample it first before giving it to your faithful, four-legged companion. But putting these delectable treats close to your nose and you'll suddenly smell something familiar. One of the treats, for example, smells a lot like oregano. No one will confuse Nutrish with pizza any time soon but at first smell, it's certainly hard to tell the difference.

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Ray also is quick to point to Nutrish as being a low-calorie dog treat. Owners often forget that dogs don't need excess calories, much the same way we don't and that weights heavily on a buying decision when it comes to dog treats. All the walks in the world won't save man's best friend from a diet that owners often unknowingly sabotage.
In addition to being healthy, Nutrish also promotes itself as devoid of artificial flavors, bi-products and preservatives and an alternative to pet foods filled with, ironically, fillers. A quick glimpse at the list of ingredients in the Nutrish food and treats feature such positive buzz words at "real" when talking about chicken or meats as well as berries, oats and rice.
Certainly the success of Nutrish is predicated on the Rachael Ray brand, which exudes credibility and translates into customers buying anything with her name on it. Ray, like most celebrities, typically don't put their name on just any, old item in the hopes of making a quick buck, especially those like Ray who already has amassed a successful career and subsequent wealth.
Her forage into pet food and treats doesn't seem like a "fly-by-night" endeavor but rather something that Ray is passionate about and has her full focus. That fact only is reaffirmed given her tremendous charitable donations in the form of Rachael's Rescue, which saves dogs that need homes.
Ray's drive and determination for success is underscored by a sense of purpose for any product she promotes. Nutrish certainly is no different.

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