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High Praise: High-waisted, Hip-hugging Shorts Ready To Take Center Stage...Again.
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High Praise: High-waisted, Hip-hugging Shorts Ready To Take Center Stage...Again.

Everyone loves a great comeback story, unless of course your name is Alex Rodriguez and you're attempting to resurrect a fledgling career at the expense of your reputation and that of Major League Baseball.
Not withstanding Rodriguez and his character flaws, the latest, greatest return to greatness isn't a professional athlete. No, this comeback comes in the form of a summer-time trend that hasn't been popular in more than 20 years: women's high-waisted shorts.
A look that has received the cold shoulder since the early 1990s has become a summertime sensation. Simply put, high waist is hot. And the type of material or pattern of these shorts aren't limited to demin or plain but rather have been flaunted for the better part of the season in the form of off-the-wall patterns and various materials and eye-catching colors.
The 1970s truly were the boom period for more than just Led Zeppelin; women's high-waisted short certainly belong on that decade's list of trends. That particular high-waisted look has come full circle; women from that generation who flaunted that look may now have daugheters who are frequenting the halls of Forever 21, Guess, Charlotte Russe, Urban Outfitters and other various, big-time retail outlets in the young woman's genre.
Like any hot design or fashionable style, how the item is worn certainly depends on just how long the trend stays current. A huge suggestion for women is to known your body type and make sensible decisions on sizes, fits, color and patterns. Naturally, a lot of it boils down to confidence; if you like them and they're tasteful, then it is game -- and shorts -- on.

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The high-waisted shorts look is incredible versatile, which is another huge draw of the style. Women can rock a particular for any particular event. A button-down shirt, tucked in, goes great with high-waisted shorts that are even acceptable on a hot day at the office. Those who are just testing the high-shorts water might want to ease that style back into their day-to-day repertoire and thus may opt for a light jacket or blazer.
The opposite end of the timid spectrum are those who love their high-waisted shorts and what they accentuate and don't mind much to pair the shorts with a top that is cropped to show off that tiny tummy or sensational six-pack. If biceps are more your thing, no worries because a tank top is the ultimate laid-back summertime style when paired with those specific shorts.
Feeling low? Need a spruce up to your wardrobe that is both voguish and voluptuous in the same breath. The inexpensive and eccentric high-waisted shorts seem determined to stick around long enough for everyone to enjoy.

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