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Keeping Busy
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Keeping Busy

The so-called "terrible" twos can suddenly turn quite terrific but only if parents, friends and families pay close attention to what toys are the best to keep kids incredible content at that somewhat temperamental age.
The key component of a toy at this age is keeping them creatively challenged and mentally occupied and cognitively driven -- as opposed to simply buying a little drum set and allowing letting them go to down with little rhyme or reason. The working parts are two sticks; there needs to be more exploration involved. And, of course, there is nothing wrong with a stuffed animal or plush toy but those are one-dimensional toys in terms of promoting motor skills or thinking. They're great, cuddly accent items but shouldn't define the toy collection.
Enter the Gourmet Chef Kitchen, courtesy of Giggle.com. Now you're cooking with a gift that is under $200 but price in nature in that it encourages playing and emulating what parents do and thus opening up a world of exploration. Because the Gourmet Chef Kitchen has several parts and accessories, kids keep busy for hours upon end, whether it is making dad a delicious plastic egg sandwich with his spatula and pan or giving mom an equally hard, albeit loving, cupcake.
That same mentality exists, along with encouraging proper writing technique, brain function and the inner artist in your son or daughter with the Beka Adjustable Easel. Not only does this boast a sturdy, wondrous chalkboard but also a roll-down paper dispenser that allows parents to have kids use chalk, markers and crayons for added enjoyment and variety. The Beka Adjustable Easel also is customizable, which is more a parental perk. Customers can add a metal, magnetic board in addition to the chalk and paper.
And nothing quite is enticing to a two-year-old than a good, old-fashioned puzzle. But the biggest mistake parents make is buying puzzles that may be a bit too complicated for their child. The best bet is something simple that allows kids to think through the piecing together process but perhaps no more than five to seven pieces is the max.

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That brings us to potty training, which typically takes place around the age of two. There's no avoiding this taxing endeavor but parents luckily have a little help from our friends at Fisher Price. Their "Fun-to-Learn" potty is practical and fun -- lots of smiley faces on it - as it has all the essentials of a toilet but includes a plethora of extras and sounds so the kids equate potty training with something that isn't so scary.
Speaking of frightful, no one says taming a two-year-old isn't going to be difficult or have its moments where parents call upon their inner-sanctity. That moment of clarity and calmness sought out certainly can come in the form of the aforementioned toys that aim to please kids and parents alike.

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