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Well-suited: Picking The Perfect Suit Won't Drain Your Wallet
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Well-suited: Picking The Perfect Suit Won't Drain Your Wallet

The days of the $1,000 aren't quite over but certainly on the verge of being extinct.
That's not to say that those overly expensive suits don't still exist. They're out there and the fact that they're still being made would suggest that there is a market for them. But say you're not an A-list actor or famous athlete but you'd still like to sport the same swagger, confidence and well-tailored suit as your fabulously rich idols.
At one time, that simply wasn't possible. Certainly, lesser-expensive suits were made but $500 a few years ago only got you a mass-produced, sloppy suit that seemed devoid of any style, fashion and a slimmer, sleeker fit.
Thankfully, the heavy-hitters in the suit-making world and designers alike gave the middle-class man a reprieve. Today, $500 doesn't just get you a suit that reminds you of something you'd borrow from dad or had handed down from your grandfather or great uncle but rather a sensational ensemble from the likes of Armani Exchange, Perry Ellis, J Crew and Banana Republic.
The last designer, Banana Republic, delivers a sensational black wool suit that checks in just under $500 at $475. Most of the inventory at Banana Republic is available online and this suit delivers the goods as being lightweight and a perfect year-round option. And bonus: it's wrinkle free, which makes traveling for a wedding or business meeting a breeze even if your suit is crumpled inside a suitcase.

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J Crew checks in with a splendid linen suit that barely breaks the $350 and is a muted, olive-colored green that seems a bit more casual than the Banana Republic Italian wool suit but a great second option to pair alongside a more formal suit in your wardrobe.
But perhaps no suit company is quite as impressive in both stylish design and price than H&M, which somehow manages to piece together remarkable suit jackets and pants for pricing that barely hits $100. Pants range in price around $35-40 and the jackets aren't much more. One would assume that the price would indicate a lack of durability or design flare but that's far from truthful. H&M suits have a sheen, modern look and feel to them and those who buy or wear them would be hard-pressed to notice a different from more expensive ones. The gray Sharkskin suit is an especially potent choice for consumers.
Giving off a high-end look and vibe based on your suit of choice typically cost an arm and a leg. Now, those arms and legs fit nicely within a modestly priced that is long on style and short on the amount of cash needed to buy one.

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