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Essentially stationary: 'Cool' factor missing from today's office supplies

When you think about office supplies, rarely do the words "cool" or "innovative" come to the table. Typically, your mind wanders to the staples that you find in your desk drawers at work or in your office at home.
Pens, paper, pencils, maybe even a three ring binder or bland, boring hole puncher floating around, but holding out hope for more than seems like wishing thinking rather than the inevitable.
In the midst of the stagnancy and insufferable anguish that is today's office supplies, a few contenders push to the forefront that refuse to be the norm and battle against the status quo of what we've come to expect from this particular genre of products.
Most of what you see as far as office products are concerned fail to dazzle the eye, but that isn't the case at Poppin.com, a web site tailor made for office supply junkies and connoisseurs that expect the folders to be manilla but definitely not vanilla.
Poppin.com offers an assortment of color code and highly eye catching items that range from two toned file cabinets to hot pink everything that turns your office from drab to dashing with just a few Post It Notes and a mouse pad that actually speaks volumes about your sense of style and overwhelming personality at the office.

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Suddenly dressing your desk for success and style is possible.
And speaking of desk, chairs and all things furniture related as it pertains to your office, not only does Poppin.com put together a stunning array of suitable frontrunners in this category but manage to make the plain, black or white desk chair into something of an art form as they mix the two colors to perfection. Everything for your office you can imagine is on display, including a space saving corner bench that is pristine and comfortable, along with the ability to personalize just about everything you buy from the site, whether that's just your own name for the at home businessman or woman or your company's logo splashed on something that will garner both praise and attention.
Poppin.com is one of many office supply web sites and stores that refuses to be another big box supplier that only is interested in the same, old products that have left your office looking anything but stunning. Granted, not all offices are conducive to bright orange desk lamps or purple garbage cans, but if you have the opportunity to make your work space your own, then do it.
If nothing else, you'll be a happier, more productive employee as a result of not being bogged down in the boredom that is the traditional office.

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