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Goodbye Gift -- Retiring Doesn't Have To Be All Bad If The Gifts Are Up To Par
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Goodbye Gift -- Retiring Doesn't Have To Be All Bad If The Gifts Are Up To Par

The end of the line for soon-to-be retirees is cathartic -- happiness, sadness, relief, concern and various emotions begin surfacing.
A good portion of those feelings can be quickly quelled with just the right gift. Whether you're a fellow co-worker, friend or family member, selecting the appropriate goodbye gift of sorts might mean the difference between a surly sendoff into the post-work abyss or one that is filled with plenty of fun-filled items to fill in all that soon-be down time.
Probably two of the best that resonate the most with retirees reside on opposite ends of the spectrum: travel and relaxation. The former is best received in the form of a cruise, trip or something that can be used immediately to fill the void of work. The hardest part of transitioning from work to retirement is trying to keep busy. Nothing is more enticing and enjoyable than a long vacation to help ease into your "golden" years.
As for the relaxing aspect, women especially enjoy the option to hit the spa for the works after they've just finished the last 30 years in an office, teaching classes, selling insurance or whatever their chosen profession had been. Often times, finding the time to pamper yourself falls by the waste side in favor of working, cooking, cleaning and everything else that seems to take precedent.
Spa packages, and that also can include men, make those 40 hour work weeks a distant memory thanks to a bevy of services such as massage, pedicures, manicures or even something as simple as a gift certificate to get hair done.

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One of the more popular choices is the gift basket or flowers, which certainly have no shortages of options. From the renowned and ever-popular 1800Flowers.com to a plethora of companies that specialize in gift baskets, the options are endless.
Gourmet Gift Baskets is a company that truly defines eclectic selection with baskets that hardly reek of tradition. These baskets can be filled with everything from popcorn and snacks to much-appreciated wine or beer to help with the post-work unwinding process. Another major perk of Gourmet Gift Baskets is the incredible abundance of items stuffed within this basket. You won't find a few sub-par apples or unwanted jams in these baskets but rather chalked full of impressive items.
Keeping a few things in mind when purchasing that all-important congratulatory retirement gift goes a long way to keeping the action in perspective and those receiving the gifts overly content. The important part is staying clear of the "Over The Hill" T-shirts or other parody gifts and instead simply offering something that epitomizes a job well done -- and forever completed.

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