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Neat & Clean: Nothing Makes For A Clean Desk And Organization Quite Like 'neat'
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Neat & Clean: Nothing Makes For A Clean Desk And Organization Quite Like 'neat'

From the super organized to business owners or accountants galore, nothing screams poor business acumen like being unorganized.
Your filing system is flawed.
Papers on top of papers and that so-called paperweight is lost in the would-be debris.
Would-be customers quickly scurry away at the sight of your desk -- or at least the part of it they can still see.
The messy don't necessarily don't have to be neat, just invest in a company of the same name. Neat promotes a series of products aimed to transfer slews of paperwork and even receipts neatly to your desktop, laptop or Mac. The three most prominent products part of the Neat family is the Neat Desk, Neat Cloud and Neat Receipts, truly a tremendous, diverse selection that can appease any and all sorts of potential consumers.

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Unlike conventional scanners, Neat incorporates a pristine, perfectly crafted software that allows receipts or paperwork to not only be scanned but also filed accordingly and stored in various folders for the ultimate in organization. Another incredible feature of any Neat product is that it isn't bulky or too big for even the smallest desk. Often the all-in-one printers and scanners are remarkably massive and take up a majority of your workspace.
Neat Desk is easily the most popular of the Neat line of products, since it handles both receipts, documents and even business cards. Again, Neat is all-knowing it seems as no matter what you scan, the software knows exactly where to put it.
The hustle and bustle of the work day often becomes too much for even the most studious employee and thus the Neat Cloud, much like Apple Cloud concept, gives you instant access to all your files above and beyond just paperwork. Neat Cloud allow permits you to use any kind of smart phone or tablet as a scanner since stuffing your desktop PC in your backseat seems a tad inconvenient.
Neat Receipts offers only the receipt-scanning option but is about half the price of the Neat Desk. Depending on the type of business you conduct, Neat Receipts might be more than enough for your needs.
In addition to their organizational prowess, Neat emphatically supports an environmentally conscious mantra in the hopes that their technology helps promote and eventually eliminate the extraneous use of paper -- such as making endless copies of the same document instead of simply scanning, storing and, eventually, sending.
Neat makes keeping things ship-shape around the home and office and the convenience aspect of the line of products cannot be emphasized enough. Neat does all the work, so you can spend more time concentrating on yours.

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