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Rented Bliss -- Wedding Jewelry Often Is Best Worn When It Isn't Yours
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Rented Bliss -- Wedding Jewelry Often Is Best Worn When It Isn't Yours

The old wedding adage goes something like this: something new, something borrowed and something new. And now, something rented?
One of the more renowned and recently popular wedding trends is renting jewelry. What goes better with a big engagement rock and stellar wedding band than a necklace or bracelet that matches the beauty, awe and eye-catching nature of your big day.
If you can rent chairs, tables and a DJ for your wedding, who is to say you can't rent the jewelry? And, of course, you can't forget about the rented tuxedos, too.
Unless you're in line to marry royalty or have plenty of pre-wedding disposable income to throw around, buying expensive wedding jewelry might not make the cut in terms of level of importance as the wedding day approaches. Choosing a carving station, deciding who sits where and picking the all-important venue often supersede accessories. The other dilemma often is an already stretched thin budget that would take a massive hit if you had to spend hundreds or thousands on designer necklaces or earrings, especially if you end up wearing the once -- much like your wedding dress.
Plenty of reputable web sites have put together an amazing array of options, perhaps none as spectacular as Adorn.com. You'll also find jewelry as a rental option on various wedding dress web sites, hoping to only add to their level of service.

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What's even more convenient about these jewelry rental sites is that the return policy is simple: pick what you want and just send it back when you're done. It certainly sounds like renting jewelry might be the easiest wedding decision you have to make. If the buy-and-return process isn't easy enough, some of the online vendors in the jewelry rental business, Adorn included, also offer plenty of style guides and networking options with design experts on call and at your beckon command -- like a wedding planner just for your jewelry.
The bride to be can rest assured, too, that not only is the process of renting safe but so is the jewelry. Adorn, for example, insures the jewelry completely during the shipping process and will only charge customers a third of the retail price should the item be damaged. Those who question that 33% charge should consider the ramifications of buying your own and having the same situation occur. Thirty-three percent sounds a lot better than 100.
Borrowing a piece of family history in the form of jewelry and displaying that lineage for all to see on your wedding day likely is the preferred means but that isn't always an option. In that instance, renting hardly reeks of desperation but rather utilizing an realistic, intelligence alternative resource.

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