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Signed, Sealed & Delivered: Docusign Sends Paper Back Into The Woods

Have you ever thought how much easier doing business or signing contracts would be minus the paperwork?
DocuSign pondered that same question and opted to truly embrace the "paperless world" and turned a simple signature into technological artwork. The technology behind DocuSign undoubtedly is a lot more intricate than the general synopsis of what it does: allows businesses and subsequently customers to do business from anywhere, including signing important paperwork through your PC, MAC or tablet.
Those skeptical of DocuSign shouldn't be.
In fact, they offer a free demo on their web site and it's astounding in terms of how easy it is to use. The final step includes DocuSign generating a signature and a set of initials; you don't have to actually sign anything, just confirm that the signature matches your name and that's it.
Before the deal is done, DocuSign walks customers through a step-by-step process of uploading your documents, adding the places to sign and sending it to the person who needs to finish by signing and sending back. Everything put forth by DocuSign is legally and contractually binding as well as secure.

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Naturally, the inception of this type of software flipped the traditionalist of the business world on their proverbial ears. Stuffed shirts and "suits" who can't live without a briefcase overflowing with paperwork and 50-page contracts. These are the same people who probably aren't interested in ever depositing a check over a smart phone.
And, of course, all business deals have to be conducted in an office, board room or at a desired spot by both parties. DocuSign simply says wrong on all counts; they want you to be able to close business from the beach or by a new house from your soon-to-be-vacant apartment. Simply put, they want to make life-changing decisions or successful sales as convenient as possible.
Equally as fruitful as the DocuSign software itself is pricing that doesn't make even the most technologically savvy suit reconsider using the old, hard-copy paperwork. DocuSign features various plans and costs that don't tip the scales at more than $20 when the bill is paid in full for the year. The $20 price is for departments for up to 10 people. The personal version of DocuSign for at-home use actually is free.
Not surprisingly, DocuSign seemingly thinks of everything. Not all sales contracts or signatures are created equal, which is why DocuSign showcases versions of their software that are created specifically for real estate as an example.
Once you've used DocuSign, you'll wonder how businesses, at-home workers or salespersons on the road ever lived without it. Truth be told, they lived just fine -- now, they're simply living it up with increased productivity and, more importantly, sales.

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