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Eat Your Heart Out
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Eat Your Heart Out

One of the bigger misconceptions regarding eating out at restaurants and cooking at home is that the latter is much less expensive than the alternative.
Food costs, however, in recent years have climbed and, truthfully, the actual act of cooking and sitting down to dinner isn't exactly the easiest thing to do these days with multiple jobs, multiple kids and plenty of extracurricular for everyone in the family.
At the end of the day, eating out is easier.
But watching your wallet drain faster than that bottle of wine at an upscale restaurant or fine family establishment doesn't have to be the status quo when stepping out. The age of technology combined with new-age marketing has afforded lovers of fine dining a reason to ditch the kitchen.
The arrival of two tremendous restaurant and dining applications for your smart phone or tablet have taken the guess work out of making reservations and also promote in-house specials that make dinner for two a tempting proposition.

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Imagine being able to book a table, save a few dollars and enjoy eating out without the regret and the dirty dishes. Thankfully, Groupon's Savored and Living Social score major bonus points with the consumer that simply can't resist watching someone other than themselves make their dinner.
Savored showcases several convenient tendencies including allowing you to book reservations from your phone along with searching out a sensational array of dining specials. Once you find the daily deal you like, Savored allows you to not only save your seat but also will take the discount off right at that very moment, so there is no question as to how much you'll be saving even before you sit down.
Living Social mirrors the characteristics and benefits of Savored and perhaps is more well-known and renowned based on name value. But Living Social surely doesn't rest on its laurels, despite a tremendous reputation and equally credible business acumen. For example, Living Social immediately snags plenty of eyes with $30 worth of food for only $15.
Sites such as Living Social and Savored don't complicate the art of eating for less with simple, straight-forward, typically half-priced deals. The important and telling aspect of companies like Living Social and Savored is that their "deals" don't carry fine print or are only good for certain items or days.
Perhaps even more essential is that men and women, thanks to Living Social and Savored, have opted to trade in their pots, pans and aprons for pinstripe suits, platform heels and the peace of mind knowing that a night out doesn't mean lights out for their bank account.

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