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No Way, Baby: Gluten Gains Steam As A No-no For Infants

Good luck hearing the word "Gluten" surrounded by such adjectives as "great," "remarkable" or "healthy."
No, Gluten is a bad word, one that is typically associated with digestive issues, stomach cramping and the word "free" - as in Gluten-free. You can't help but walk into a grocery store, supermarket or big-box retailer without passing by an aisle that promotes Gluten-free products or turning on the TV without seeing anyone from Dr. Oz to The Doctors talking about how a Gluten-free diet is the key to longevity.
Perhaps the biggest detractor of Gluten are moms and dads when it comes to searching out safe foods for newborn babies, particular those under 10 months of age, although most parents given the negative connotation of Gluten steer clear of it altogether. Older kids who aren't nutritionally exposed to Gluten have more energy and are less apt to lose focus.
So why is Gluten-free so great for kids?
Going Gluten-free isn't just a fad and is actually gaining steam as a health-related savior, especially with kids who suffer from autism. Various studies and parents with autistic kids are emerging with one clear-cut proclamation: gluten-free diets adopted by autistic children actually have quelled symptoms of it.

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Naturally and thankfully, plenty of baby-food companies and those entities that specialize in all-things related to infants have worked steadily to incorporate more Gluten-free and all-natural products into their in-store selections and online inventories. This includes baby food, infant cereals and any comparable baked goods.
Heavy-hitters in the baby food business certainly have their overwhelming share of the marketplace but one in particular really drives home the point that they're devoid of anything artificial: Beech-Nut, which clearly lays out a daily meal game plan based on a child's age and even offers baby-feeding tips just as an added bonus.
Smaller, online baby-food companies such as Ella's Kitchen also divides and conquers with a step-by-step approach to feeding and a penchant for only producing the finest in baby food, minus, of course, the Gluten and lactose-free. Ella's Kitchen makes it abundantly easy to search their inventory as parents simply can click on a particular criteria (i.e. lactose-free) and a series of related products will populate.
Thanks to Gluten being just as bad as a curse word and more and more people adopting this particular diet -- even those who don't necessarily have to -- you have to wonder just how long is will be before Gluten is gone for good.
Parents with the best interests of their babies, infants and toddlers in mind certainly won't miss this pesky protein and the inherently negative effects it has on their kids.
So, let's add another word associated with Gluten - "goodbye."

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