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Keep Your Shirt On -- Overspending On T-shirts Means More Comfort Than Craziness
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Keep Your Shirt On -- Overspending On T-shirts Means More Comfort Than Craziness

Ask any man what $40 means to him as far men's clothing is concerned and the answer isn't necessarily the same but seemingly is consistent across the board.
You may get such responses as a dress shirt, sneakers, dress shoes or even a pair of pants.
The answer you probably won't hear too often is undershirt. Faced with the idea of dropping $40 on a shirt that no one other than your bathroom mirror sees, most men would meet this proposition with disbelief and perhaps a little sarcasm along the way.
Is the shirt wrapped in gold? For that kind of money, does it pay have my rent? This much-maligned and controversial $40 shirt comes courtesy of Tommy John, a renowned, wondrous company that deals specifically in undergarments for men. The Tommy John brand is known not only for a ridiculously comfortable series of products that hide safety behind your favorite suit, dress shirt or polo but also for a propensity to incorporate technology into everything it creates.
The famed $40 shirt is no different. Now, before you lose your sanity trying to comprehend how someone can pay that much for a shirt that doesn't even see the light of day, Tommy John has something to say: keep your shirt on -- and just simply give it a shot.

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Tommy John promise that this undershirt, which it refers to as a second-skin is so incredibly soft that it's form-fitting design will make it seem like you're not wearing a shirt at all. Most white, standard undershirts are typically bulky and sloppy. And let's not even discuss the proposed "tuck-in" for the standard white cotton T-shirt or hoping and praying that the shirt remains intact for the entire work day.
Tommy John says not a chance, unless you're wearing one of their upper-echelon, higher priced undershirts. Now, most men probably think "who cares if my untamed shirt becomes unruly." Well, Tommy John does. They want the business casual outfit or professional appeal of your wardrobe to have a solid backbone, something that starts the ensemble out strong and keeps it motoring no matter where the day takes you.
The Tommy John $40 crewneck undershirt is the cornerstone of your wardrobe and no one is saying you have to buy 10 of them. These are remarkably well-made and don't stretch out after several washes, thus making its practicality perhaps a bit too tough to ignore.
Is $40 to much to spend for a glorified T-shirt? Probably. If the shirt is functional, superior in durability and inherently utilitarian with multiple styles and various outfits, then this purchase seems more like an investment than insanity.

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