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Simpson And Spears Square Off In A Different Arena: Women's Fragrances
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Simpson And Spears Square Off In A Different Arena: Women's Fragrances

Pop-music sensations in the early 2000s turned modern-day moguls and entrepreneurs Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears certainly have had their battles.
Musically, these two budding superstars traded jabs in various forms, most notably one album vs. another each clamoring for superstar supremacy in the all-important 18-35 year old female demographic, the ones spending money on their music, CDs, concert tickets and merchandise.
Spears is easily the lesser of the two talents as far as vocal ability in comparison to Simpson but Spears' showmanship, marketing and crossover appeal during her pop-music heyday made her a bigger, better selling artist. Simpson probably did more for her career in television and movies, thus staking her claim as a all-encompassing heavyweight.
Today's versions of Spears and Simpson are relatively demur by comparison. Both are moms; Spears is still dishing out the kind of music her fan base loves and Simpson has remained relatively quiet, focusing more on motherhood and marriage in her post-pop life.
But what both have managed to accomplish in addition to singing careers that will continue to forever pay the bills is branch out. Simpson and Spears, the business versions, are stellar brands that reek of name value. That's why they're both experiencing success in the retail market, more specifically as pioneers of fragrance and women's fashion.

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Spears and Simpson re-engage in round 2 of their battle, much older and hopefully wiser, in the perfume and fragrance arena: Simpson with her "Fancy" line and Spears with her "Fantasy." Yes, the names are that close.
Which is better: Spears' Fantasy or Simpson's Fancy? That ultimately resides with the consumer, some of which prefer Simpson's vanilla-scented perfume and pricing (only about 50-60 dollars), while others argue that Spears' Fantasy is a dreamy, sweet selection against the alternative. Spears' also doesn't price herself out of the market in terms of her Fantasy collection as it hovers around the same price point as Simpson's Fancy.
Truthfully, both are in major retailers such as Macy's -- even though Simpson worked as a spokesperson for them -- and both are selling well. Both have found their way into other retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target and online entities such as the aptly titled Perfumania.
The choice really resides with which superstar you love most. To Simpson's credit, she probably has done more in the women's fashion and perfume business all-around as opposed to Spears.
Sounds as if this grudge match is now tied 1-1, with the music favoring Spears and retail strong siding with Simpson. Who knows what the rubber match will bring but if it is anything like the perfume business between the two, it certainly smells like quite the fight brewing.

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