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Robert Russo, Co-Founder

Robert Russo's Biography

A lawyer for nearly 30 years, with a global portfolio of public and private technology clients, Robert Russo is a distinguished member of the legal profession.

His accomplishments include acting as chief counsel for clients spanning three continents, and tens of thousands of miles of travel, on their collective behalf.

As an entrepreneur, Robert's achievements further confirm his legal acumen and his business expertise, culminating in a decade of launching, and buying and selling – as well as financing – several technology companies.

His commitment to Keycode.com marries his passion for personalization with his professional pledge concerning customization; that retailers and consumers deserve to enjoy the immediacy that the Web provides, along with the intimacy that this site is, indeed, each group’s ally and advocate.

A native New Yorker, Robert resides in Florida.


Keycode is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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